How the Police Uses Digital Forensics

Most people from all over the world, of different ages utilize a computer every day. This could either be at home or work. Sadly, this rise in usage and the vast accessibility of the internet has facilitated the increase in the number of criminal activities which are connected to computers.   Nowadays, the police can […]

What Is Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery)

Electronic discovery is the finding out of government investigations which works with exchange of information electronically; this is normally referred to as the Electronically Stored Information, the data is reviewed before it is passed to the opposing counsel. The attorneys look at the data and identify them as relevant to the case and then they […]

Is Computer Forensics a Good Career Opportunity?

There are many opportunities when it comes to dealing and learning about computers, but being a computer forensic is probably the best option,because there is a growing demand for these professionals. Computer forensics is a new form of investigative method in which a professional puts together information that has been kept electronically or written on […]